Las Canteras Beach is one of the best urban beaches in the world: a rare jewel in the heart of the city, which the visitor can enjoy for sunbathing or sand sports as well as surfing.

Winner of several national and international quality awards, the Q for Tourist Quality, the Blue Flag, which waves almost uninterruptedly since 1989 on the beach certifies its excellence, in addition to the Universal Accessibility Certificate, UNE 17001 and ISO 14001, which endorses its Environmental Management System.

Sports clubs and schools in the surroundings facilitate these entertainments, among which the walk should be included: a local tradition, because there are many citizens of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria who, especially in the early hours of the morning or at dusk dedicate their time to cover the three kilometres of coastline.



Las Canteras beach stretches from the bay of La Puntilla to the foot of the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, a three-kilometre route that distinguishes several areas, each with its own peculiarities. La Cícer (the surf paradise), Peña La Vieja (with an area of rocks full of life), Playa Chica and Muro Marrero (the most familiar), Playa Grande (tourist par excellence) and La Puntilla (last redoubt of fishermen). La Barra, a reef that runs parallel to more than half of the beach, is a real natural breakwater and provides greater safety for bathing. In fact, at low tide, the bathing area between the sand and the big rock resembles a swimming pool for its quietness.

Beyond, tourists can continue walking along the avenue of Los Nidillos, and reach the natural site of El Confital, also heavily traveled by surfers and those seeking tranquility, an open environment behind the city and a moment of relaxation to enjoy its sunsets.

These experiences are transferred to the urban promenade that accompanies Las Canteras, dotted with numerous bars and restaurants ideal for an aperitif, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Something that turns the beach, the natural theme park of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, into an environment with lively urban life.